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The Times They Are Changing—Are You?

Moving Beyond Your Comfort Zone - Create a Ritzy Future

What do you think of when you hear the word Ritzy?
Often it is associated with "High Priced or luxuriously elegant", beyond what many of us can afford.  Here Ritzy will be associated with growth, improvement, new perspectives, new insights, open to new experiences, stretching beyond the routine. Often we do have to "live with" a situation in life, however. We all hold dreams of what we would like to see in our future.

We want to create OUR Ritzy future! Our preferred future.
Learn how to move beyond your comfort zone to continuously improve your professional and personal life. (45 min-5 hours)

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Benefits to You !
  • Your audience connects with Carol's practical tips and inspiring style.
  • Managers receive How-to formulas for gaining co-ownership during change.
  • Participants learn hands-on tools to use with customers tomorrow.
  • All presentations are inter-active, informative, humorous and inspirational !

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